Why cosmetic ‘tweakments’ are set to be the biggest beauty trend of 2019 – and the jawline will be a main focus as clients seek to emulate the likes of Kendall and Angelina

Cosmetic ‘tweakments’ are set to be the biggest beauty trend of 2019, according to experts.

Dr Wassim Taktouk, who is based in London, explained how clients are now increasingly looking to have natural tweaks, rather than full-blown cosmetic surgery, due to the speed at which they can be done and the minimal recovery time.

He predicted that the jawline will continue to be a main focus into next year, as women seek to emulate the likes of Kendall Jenner and Angelina Jolie.

As well as the jawline, clients are coming in during their lunch break to have subtle face lifts, along with tweaks to their noses, lips and even their hands.

Dr Taktouk said: ‘Tweakments are on the rise due to the speed at which they can be done, minimal recovery time and the results last.

‘In the past if you were considering something like nose surgery you’d be planning well in advance. Surgery would a significant undertaking and an uncomfortable recovery.

Dr Taktouk explained how injectables are now keeping up with a world where you buy something online at the click of a button, and get it the same day.

‘Now you can pop into the clinic in your lunch hour and come out with a new nose and be at the party the same week,’ he said.

‘These treatments create natural tweaks to your natural features retaining that youthful look for years to come.’

He explained how jawline tweakments look set become even more popular next year.

‘The jawline was one of the most popular tweakments of 2018 and I believe this is set to continue for 2019 as everyone wants that perfect Instagram look,’ he said.

‘Just a slight tweak can give an elegantly defined jaw, hide jowls and add to tightening of the lower face – replicating the lift effects and filters on Instagram.’

Dr Taktouk explained how his jawline ‘tweakment’, which involves a combination of Teoxane Ultra Deep and RHA4 fillers, is popular for men and women.

‘For men, I can masculinise the face by squaring the jawline and the popularity of this tweak continues to rise,’ he said.

He added that injectable moisturisers and small amounts of filler in clever places are also helping giving clients a quick and subtle lift.

‘Profhilo is an exciting new injectable moisturiser and skin tightener that creates a gentle lift,’ he said.

‘This product is packed with hyaluronic acid which intensely hydrates the face giving it that “post facial” dewy glow while gentle stimulating collagen production.’

Speaking about the rise of liquid face lifts, explained: ‘We are no longer focusing on treating one area with dermal filler.

‘It’s all about injecting smaller quantities of filler in clever places to create a subtle but effective lift.’

Originally published in the Daily Mail on 18 December 2018.